The team

About us

We are Yatiris, a research group part of Pladema Institute (UNICEN - CNEA - CIC-PBA) focused in bringing digital tools to medicine. Our team is formed by researchers in computer science, mathematics and physics that work in a multidisciplinary environment to introduce novel contributions to computer-assisted medicine.

Why using computers in medicine?

Computers are great, and we use them all the time in many ways. As researchers, we focus in providing new tools for what’s called computer-assisted medicine: aiding clinicians and medical scientists in performing their daily tasks using digital tools. To this end, we develop novel techniques that combines computer vision, machine learning, mathematical simulation and computer graphics, with biomedical signals and/or images as inputs, that extract and/or produce valuable information for physicians.

What do we do?

Our research is focused on developing cutting-edge algorithms based on artificial intelligence and signal processing for automated medical image analysis, with applications on diagnostics, treatment planning, simulation and disease following. Our main research lines are focused on cardiovascular diseases, treating aneurysms, ophthalmology, neuroimaging and ultrasound simulation. The group has expertise in image classification and segmentation with machine/deep learning, hemodynamics simulation, generative modeling using computer graphics techniques and generative adversarial models and in-silico simulation of endovascular treatments. From time to time, we also like to explore other alternative lines like drone imaging analysis or computer graphics. You can find further details about our current and ungoing projects in our projects page.

Where are we?

We are settled in Tandil, a beautiful city located about 350 km away from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The name of the city comes from a combination of the Mapuche aborigin words “Than” or “Thav” (“falling) and “lil” (“rock). The name refers to the “Shifting Stone” (“Piedra Movediza” in Spanish), a big boulder naturally located at the edge of a clift, almost in perfect balance, that unfortunately fall to the ground in 1912. Now there is a replica in the very same place where the real one was, that you can visit for free!

Our laboratory is located within the University Campus of UNICEN, at the facilities of PLADEMA Institute. Our offices are in a brand new building inaugurated in 2017, surrounded by nature and with great views of the Tandilia hills, which are the oldest in Argentina and one of the oldest in the World too. If you want to come to visit, you can easily find us in Google Maps.

Lab Members

Our research group is mainly composed of computer scientists, mathematicians and physicists, working at the intersection of statistics, physics, biology, applied mathematics, software engineering, machine learning and many other disciplines. Visit our people page to know more about the people who are currently working in the lab (publications, contact information, photos), and who used to work with us too.


One of our research goals is to keep a high impact track of publications in top-ranked international journals. For PDFs of our latest publications, visit our publications page. Feel free to issue on Github if links don’t work or are obsolete.

Other people we work with

Research cannot happen in isolation. Here are some cool people with whom we are actively collaborating with. Note: This list is in no way complete. We have a lot of collaborators – if you’ve worked with us and want a link here, let us know!






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